List of books, not limited to Astronomy

Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Index to Person Names

On the Construction of the just finished Great Refractor, by Dr. Jos. Fraunhofer.
    From the 'Astronomische Nachrichten', No. 74 (1826), pp 17-24

Appendix to the Article on the Great Refractor
    From the ‘Astronomische Nachrichten’, No. 75 (1826), pp 35-38

On the Reception and Setup of the Refractor by Fraunhofer at the Observatory of the Imperial University at Dorpat
    From the ‘Astronomische Nachrichten’, No. 75 (1826), pp 37-44

Nekrolog: Luther, Carl Robert Theodor
    von V. Knorre, aus: Vierteljahresschrift der Astronomischen Gesellschaft 35 (1900)