CI-V Adressing

Icom CI-V Bus Adressing

Each message (frame, packet, pdu) sent to a rig or received from a rig contains two adresses: the destination (to-adress) and the sender (from-adress). Each model has it’s own default CI-V adress, which can be changed by the user. If two or more rigs of the same model are used on the bus, you need to change the adresses of at least one of the rigs. Each individual device must have it’s own, distinct adress.

To-adress is the 3rd byte in a frame, from-adress the 4th byte.
0xFE 0xFE to-adr fm-adr cmd sub data ... data 0xFD

The ‘Icom CI-V Reference Manual (3rd edition)’ from 1991 specified the adress range from 0x01 to 0x7F. That range was exhausted in 2010 with the IC-9100. But Icom has been happily using addresses above the originally specified range without any issue. Now (Spring 2023) we are at address 0xAC (IC-905). With a rate of 1 to 2 new rigs per year that leaves room until 2036 or so 🙂. But then there are the odd addresses which haven’t been used at all in amateur radio products. Values 0xFA to 0xFF are reserved for special protocol functions.

There are some reserved adresses with special meaning:

Default adresses

Each Icom model has it’s own, distinct default adress. As a general rule, Icom used only even adresses ($02, 0x04, 0x06 …). Each model was given a new default adress when it came out. The user can change the default adress if required. On older rigs this was done by (re-) soldering some diodes, on newer rigs the adress can be changed by setup through the front panel or even by CI-V commands. Adresses can be selected from 0x01 to 0xEF, giving 239 distinct adresses.

List by model number

The following is a hopefully complete table of all known adresses from CI-V capable rigs, not only by Icom.

Icom Model Addr Memories Bandedge Type
IC-271 0x20 32 1,2 VHF Allmode
IC-275 0x10 99+3 P1,P2 VHF Allmode
IC-375 0x12 99+3 P1, P2 220MHz Allmode
IC-471 0x22 32 1,2 UHF Allmode
IC-475 0x14 99+3 P1,P2 UHF Allmode
IC-575 0x16 99+2 P1,P2 10m & 6m Allmode
IC-7000 0x70 500+2 6 HF/VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-703 0x68 99+2 P1, P2 HF Allmode QRP
IC-705 0xA4 500+ HF,VHF,UHF Allmode QRP
IC-706 0x48 99+3 P1, P2 HF/VHF Allmode
IC-706MkII 0x4E 99+3 P1, P2 HF/VHF Allmode
IC-706MkIIG 0x58 99+3 P1, P2 HF/VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-707 0x3E ? ? HF Allmode
IC-718 0x5E 99+2 ? HF Allmode
IC-7100 0x88 100 P1,P2 HF+VHF Allmode, mobile, D-Star
IC-7200 0x76 200 P1,P2 HF Allmode
IC-725 0x28 26 25,26 HF Allmode
IC-726 0x30 24+2 P1, P2 HF/6m Allmode
IC-728 0x38 26 25, 26 HF Allmode
IC-729 0x3A 26 25, 26 HF/6m Allmode
IC-735 0x04 12 11,12 HF Allmode
IC-736 0x40 ? ? HF/6m Allmode
IC-737 0x3C 99+3 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-738 0x44 ? ? HF Allmode
IC-7300 0x94 100 P1,P2 HF Allmode (SDR)
IC-7400 (IC-746Pro) 0x66 99+2 P1, P2 HF/VHF Allmode
IC-7410 0x80 100 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-746 0x56 99+2 P1, P2 HF/VHF Allmode
IC-751A 0x1C 32 1,2 HF Allmode
IC-756 0x50 99+2 P1, P2 HF/6m Allmode
IC-756Pro 0x5C 99+2 P1, P2 HF/6m Allmode
IC-756ProII 0x64 99+2 P1, P2 HF/6m Allmode
IC-756ProIII 0x6E 99+2 P1, P2 HF/6m Allmode
IC-761 0x1E ? P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-765 0x2C 99+2 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-775 0x46 99+2 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-7600 0x7A 100 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-7610 0x98 100 P1, P2 HF Allmode (SDR)
IC-7700 0x74 100 P1, P2 HF Allmode Contest
IC-78 0x62 ? ? HF Allmode
IC-7800 0x6A 99 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-7850/51 0x8E 100 P1,P2 HF Allmode
IC-781 0x26 99+2 P1, P2 HF Allmode
IC-820 0x42 2x80+3 P1, P2 VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-821 0x4C 2x80+3 P1, P2 VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-905 0xAC 500+ VHF/UHF/SHF Allmode
IC-910 0x60 2x100 + 1 2 x 6 VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-9100 0x7C 100 P1, P2 HF+VHF Allmode, Sat, D-Star
IC-970 0x2E 99+3 P1, P2 VHF/UHF Allmode
IC-9700 0xA2 3x99 3x6 VHF/UHF Allmode, SDR, Sat, D-Star
IC-1271 0x24 32 1,2 SHF Allmode
IC-1275 0x18 32+3 P1, P2 SHF Allmode
IC-R10 0x52 ? ? Handheld scanner
IC-R20 0x6C 1000+200 50 Handheld scanner
IC-R30 0x9C 2000+ Handheld scanner
IC-R71 0x1A 32 ? General Coverage Receiver
IC-R72 0x32 101 ? General Coverage Receiver
IC-R75 0x5A 100 P1, P2 General Coverage Receiver
IC-R7000 0x08 ? ? General Coverage Receiver
IC-R7100 0x34 99 10xP1,P2 General Coverage Receiver
IC-R8500 0x4A 800 n/a Gen.Cov.RX
IC-R8600 0x96 1200 n/a Gen.Cov.RX
IC-R9000 0x2A 99 10xP1, P2 General Coverage Receiver
IC-R9500 0x72 1000 20+ General Coverage Receiver
IC-RX7 0x78 1600 many Handheld Scanner
Controller/PC 0xE0 - -  
Mini Scout 0x94 - - Optoelectronics Mini Scout freq. counter
Optoscan 456/535 0x80 - - Optoelectronics Optoscan
ID-1 0x01 - - JARL 23cm digital data/voice radio
ID-4100 0x9A VHF/UHF FM/D-Star Mobile
ID-5100 0x8C VHF/UHF FM/D-Star Mobile
ID-51 0x86 554 50 VHF/UHF FM/D-Star Handheld
ID-52 0xA6 1000 100 VHF/UHF FM/D-Star Handheld
FC-3002 0x58 - - ACECO FC-3002 counter

Thanks to John, Trevor, Dave, John, Sergey, Mark, Don, Stephane, Robin, Tobias and others who helped completing this table.

List by address

The same list, sorted by adresses. Since Icom assigned adresses in an ascending order when new radios came out, it gives a historical overview of the rigs appearance on the market (mostly, with some irregularities and gaps). This list shows only Icom rigs, not those of other vendors capable of the CI-V protocol. The years when the rigs appeared on the market are from my memory, info gathered at work or from (tnx Janne!).

Icom Model CI-V Address Year to market Interface
IC-735 0x04 1985 TTL
? 0x06
IC-R7000 0x08 1986 TTL
IC-275 0x10 1987 TTL
IC-375 0x12 198? TTL
IC-475 0x14 1987 TTL
IC-575 0x16 1988 TTL
IC-1275 0x18 1989 TTL
IC-R71 0x1A 1984 TTL
IC-751A 0x1C 1985 TTL
IC-761 0x1E 1987 TTL
IC-271 0x20 1983 TTL
IC-471 0x22 1984 TTL
IC-1271 0x24 1987 TTL
IC-781 0x26 1987 TTL
IC-725 0x28 1988 TTL
IC-R9000 0x2A 1989 TTL
IC-765 0x2C 1989 TTL
IC-970 0x2E 1990 TTL
IC-726 0x30 1989 TTL
IC-R72 0x32 1992 TTL
IC-R7100 0x34 1991 TTL
? 0x36
IC-728 0x38 1992 TTL
IC-729 0x3A 1992 TTL
IC-737 0x3C 1993 TTL
IC-707 0x3E 1993 TTL
IC-736 0x40 1994 TTL
IC-820 0x42 1994 TTL
IC-738 0x44 1994 TTL
IC-775 0x46 1995 TTL
IC-706 0x48 1995 TTL
IC-R8500 0x4A 1996 TTL, RS-232C 25 pin
IC-821 0x4C 1996 TTL
IC-706MkII 0x4E 1997 TTL
IC-756 0x50 1997 TTL
IC-R10 0x52 1996 TTL
? 0x54
IC-746 0x56 1998 TTL
IC-706MkII-G 0x58 1998 TTL
IC-R75 0x5A 1999 TTL, RS-232C 9 pin
IC-756Pro 0x5C 2000 TTL
IC-718 0x5E 2001 TTL
IC-910 0x60 2001 TTL
IC-78 0x62 2000 TTL
IC-756ProII 0x64 2001 TTL
IC-746Pro 0x66 2001 TTL
IC-703 0x68 2003 TTL
IC-7800 0x6A 2004 TTL, RS-232C 9 pin, Ethernet
IC-R20 0x6C 2004 TTL
IC-756ProIII 0x6E 2004 TTL
IC-7000 0x70 2005 TTL
IC-R9500 0x72 2007 TTL, RS-232C 9 pin, Ethernet
IC-7700 0x74 2007 TTL, RS-232C 9 pin, Ethernet
IC-7200 0x76 2007 TTL
IC-RX7 0x78 2007 TTL
IC-7600 0x7A 2009 TTL, USB
IC-9100 0x7C 2010 TTL, USB
? 0x7E
IC-7410 0x80 2011 TTL, USB
? 0x82
? 0x84
ID-51 0x86 2012 TTL
IC-7100 0x88 2012 TTL
? 0x8A
ID-5100 0x8C 2014 TTL, Bluetooth
IC-7850/51 0x8E 2015 TTL, USB, Ethernet
? 0x90
? 0x92
IC-7300 0x94 2016 TTL, USB
IC-R8600 0x96 2017 TTL, USB, Ethernet
IC-7610 0x98 2017 TTL, USB, Ethernet
ID-4100 0x9A 2017 TTL, Bluetooth
IC-R30 0x9C 2018 TTL, Bluetooth
? 0x9E
? 0xA0
IC-9700 0xA2 2019 TTL, USB, Ethernet
IC-705 0xA4 2020 USB, Bluetooth, Wifi
ID-52 0xA6 2021 TTL, Bluetooth
? 0xA8
? 0xAA
IC-905 0xAC 2023 USB, Ethernet

Where do the gaps in the adress table come from? I have no idea. 😕 If you know I would appreciate an e-mail.