Since many years I own and operate ICOM rigs. And at the same time I am looking for interesting things to write software for. So I started playing around with the ICOM CI-V remote control for ICOM rigs.

These pages summarize what I have learnt about the CI-V interface over that time. It's purpose is to help other users of the CI-V, writing more software for ICOM radios or simply understanding what's going on there.


I am in no way linked to Icom, nor have I ever been, except as a user of their rigs. Well, ok, since 2003 I sell them at my employer All information here is provided "as is". I don't take any responsibilities for the accuracy or timeliness of information, nor for any damage due to mis-information or use of software provided here.

Nevertheless I try to be as accurate as possible. I am grateful for any corrections, new information or suggestions to this site. Please drop me an email, see 'Impressum' (Imprint) for contact details.

All trademarks like Icom™ Windows™ etc. are reserved by the various holders.


This text and the contents of this site is copyright © Ekkehard Plicht, DF4OR, Germany. The contents of this site may be freely copied as long as this copyright notice is included and remains unchanged. If you plan to use any contents of this site, please let my know in advance.


The information found here is compiled from various sources. Most older information comes from the Icom CI-V Reference Manual, 3. Edition, dated March, 11, 1993. This reference manual is available in print for a minimal fee from Icom America.

Other sources include various web sites, especially the level converter designs. Most information for the CI-V commands comes from the user manuals itself. Since some years Icom has decided to publish these in PDF format on their website, so accessing this information has become much easier. Before that I had to buy the rigs... no, just joking (I wish I could afford that!), I just copied the manuals at the local dealer.


Thanks to many radio amateurs around the world who helped with additional information, observations and hints.

I hope to meet you on the bands, I am mostly qrv in RTTY during most contests and on CW.

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Yours truly vacationing in Sicily (2002)