CI-V Command line tool


This small program is useful for setting frequency and mode for almost all Icom rigs. It is invoked in a batch file or from command line and takes several parameters.

Installation and Setup

Download here, unzip and put in any directory, that's it. To ensure that you can call the program from any directory make sure that the exe file resides in a folder which is in your path statement.

Minimum Requirements


Call program from the command line or in a batch file. Supply parameters for COM-Port, Baudrate, Frequency to set, Mode to set and which Icom rig is the target.


Parameter Function Values Example
-c:n n is the COM port to use possible values: 1 to 9 -c:2
will use COM2
-b:n n is the baudrate to use possible values: 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 -b:9600
will use 9600 Bd
-f:f f is frequency you want to tune to in kHz, decimals allowed, decimals separated by "." (dot) possible values: 30 to 2999999999 kHz, actual values depend on rig -f:14195 will tune to 14195 kHz (20m)
-f:145500 will tune to 145.5 MHz (2m)
-f:1821.1 will tune to 1821.1 kHz (160m)
-m:m m is mode you want to set, available modes depend on rig
See remark 1
-m:U sets USB mode
-m:F sets FM mode
-i:n n is IF filter width you want to set, available filters depend on rig
See remark 2
1=Wide, 2=Normal, 3=Narrow -i:2 sets normal width
-i:3 sets narrow width
-r:r r is the rig you want to adress, either model name or hex adress
See remark 3
Model name (see remark 3) or hexadecimal adress of rig -r:IC-756Pro uses default adress of IC-756Pro
-m:$04 uses adress $04

Parameters general notes:

Parameters are valid regardless of UPPER/lower case letters. Any will do. All parameters must be given, do not omit any (will result in error). Parameters must be separated by at least one space character. All parameters have the general format:



-r:$04 will use adress $04 (default for IC-735)

-r:$55 will use adress $55 (non standard)

civcmdline -c:2 -b:9600 -f:14341 -m:U -i:2 -r:IC-756Pro
Will use COM2 with 9600 Bd, tune to 14341 kHz (20m), set mode USB with normal filter, rig is IC-756Pro.

civcmdline -c:4 -b:19200 -f:145500 -m:F -i:2 -r:IC-706mk2g
Will use COM4 with 19200 Bd, tune to 145.5 MHz (2m), set mode FM with normal filter, rig is IC-706MkIIG.

civcmdline -c:1 -b:4800 -f:7026.5 -m:C -i:3 -r:IC-7400
Will use COM1 with 4800 Bd, tune to 7026.5 kHz (40m), set mode CW with narrow filter, rig is IC-746Pro/IC-7400.

civcmdline -c:3 -b:19200 -f:28085 -m:R -i:2 -r:$04
Will use COM3 with 19200 Bd, tune to 28085 kHz (10m), set mode RTTY with narrow filter, rig is that with adress $04 (most likely a IC-735. The different data format for IC-735 is used. IC-735 supports only two filter widths, here -i:2 is narrow.


If you don't want the program on your disk anymore, just delete the exe file (civcmdline.exe). No changes to the registry are made, no other files are used by this program.

Help files

You are looking at it, this is all you will get, sorry. If you have any questions or suggestions or even praise, don't hesitate to send an email to the author: ep [at]