Some programs by DF4OR

Since many years I am programming for fun and sometimes even for profit. Here you will find a small collection of programs which I wrote over the last years. Some older programs are for the Windows™ operating system, but lately I have concentrated mostly on Linux using Perl.

CI-V with Perl

 New!  Two Perl modules (also available on CPAN) for controlling Icom radios. [More...]

A note on the following programs: I have more or less stopped developing these Windows programs. If any Delphi programmer is seriously interested in taking them over, please get in touch with me. All programs below are written in Delphi4, a few use proprietary components.


A small program to edit the memories of some Icom rigs. Works with the IC-756Pro, (1, 2, & 3). Does not work with IC-746 and IC-7400 (746Pro), but this will change. I am working on a version for the IC-756Pro/2/3, IC-7400, IC-7000, IC-703, IC-7800 etc. [More...]


A small program to edit the CW memories of some Icom rigs. Works with the IC-756Pro, (1, 2, & 3) IC-746 and IC-7400 (IC-746Pro). [More...]

CI-V Command line

A DOS (yes, DOS) program which let's you control your rig with a simple command line interface. Good for batch programs etc. Works with nearly any rig because it uses only a very few Icom CI-V commands. [More...]


A small Windows™ program which let's you calculate your Maidenhead locator from geo. coordinates and vice versa. Converts between geo. coordinates and locator. Supports 8-digit locators. GPS connection rudimentary, but working. [More...]


A small Windows™ program to control your Icom rig. Shows the ITU bandplan as well for easy navigation. DDE server for integration into other programs. [More...]


Written on request for a fellow ham with bad eyesight. Shows the frequency and mode of any Icom radio in huge letters and digits. Maybe also useful for demonstrations. Does not allow control of the rig. [More...]

CI-V Test

A simple progam to test and explore the CI-V protocol. Allowes the editing of commands to send to the rig. Displays incoming data in hex for debugging purposes. [More...]