Icom Pro Keyer Memory Set


This small program helps you to edit the CW memories of your Icom 756Pro, 756Pro2, 746 or 746Pro rig. On startup it reads the current memory contents and displays it. You can edit the text and store the memories individually or all 4 together. Some rigs allow some options to be set: which memory triggers the count for the serial number, the current serial number and the short number style.

Installation and Setup

There is no fancy install program, you have to do it yourself. Download the zipped file, unzip into any directory you like, double-click on the prokeyset.exe file to run. If you like then make a link and drag it to your windows desktop.

To use the program you have to have a CI-V level converter (see http://www.plicht.de/ekki/civ for an explanation) connected to your rig and your PC. If this converter is working fine, just select the right serial port with the "COM" menu, select the proper baudrate with the "Baudrate" menu and select your rig ("Rig" menu). If you are using non-standard CI-V adresses with your rig, enter the proper adress in the small edit box marked CI-V adress. All these settings (port, baud, rig, adress) will be stored at program termination, so you have to do this only once.

Each time you change an option, the program tries to connect to the rig. If it is found, the green LED is lit and all four CW keyer memories are read and displayed, plus some more options for the 756Pro2 and 746Pro.

Minimum Requirements

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When the program is started for the first time, select COM-Port, CI-V Baudrate and rig. If all is ok,the LED is lit green the program automatically reads the CW keyer memory contents and displays them, plus additional options if possible. If no connection is possible, a warning message pops up. After clicking "Ok" you can choose other setup options (port, baud, rig) and try again. Each time a setup option is changed, the program tries to connect to the rig.

Memory text

Once connected, you can edit the keyer memories, by entering text with the keyboard or by selecting previously stored text with the drop-down box. The last ten strings used are kept on the PC for easy changes. The number on the right of the edit box shows the current length of the text entered. You cannot enter more text than the keyer memory allows. The limit is 50 characters for the 746 and 746Pro, 55 characters for the 756Pro and 756Pro2. Text can be entered in UPPER or lower case, it is converted to upper case before storing. Leading and trailing blanks are removed when storing the text to the rig.

To store an individual text, click on the button to the right of the edit box you wish to store. Only the selected text is stored (M1,M2, M3 or M4). To store all four memories and all other options, click on "Store All" button. Alternatively click on "Store All & Exit", this also stores all memories and all options, and then exits the program.

Special characters

^ (accent circonflex) in front of a group of characters will send these characters without break, i.e. for AR, SK etc.

* (asterisk) is replaced by the current serial number when transmitted. This special character can only be used in one memory. If you use the asterisk in more than one memory, an error occurs during store, the affected text is not stored. A short error message is displayed in the status bar.

Other valid non-alphabetic characters are: ? / , . and are sent as usual. Space is interpreted as a pause between characters, leading and trailing blanks are removed when storing text to the rig. No other characters are allowed. If entered, it will lead to an error during storing the memory, the affected memory will not be stored. In a later version I will make sure that no invalid chars can be input.

Keyer speed

All supported rigs allow to read and set the keyer speed. The current setting is read and displayed after program start. The value is a number between 1 and 255, unfortunately a conversion to WPM is not possible at the moment. If somebody knows what value corresponds to what WPM speed, i am happy to change the program. 1 is slowest, 255 is fastest. You cannot enter values outside this range.

Count up trigger, short number style and current serial number

The 746Pro and 756Pro2 allow to read and set the memory which keys the count up trigger for the serial number, the current serial number itself and the short number style. This is not possible with the 746 and 756Pro due to a limitation of the supported CI-V commands in these rigs.

The current serial number is displayed and can be changed with the spin edit or by entering a number between 1 and 9999. To use the serial number in a memory text, enter a "*" (asterisk) at the position where the serial number (three or four digits) should be sent. Only one memory can hold this marker for a serial number.

To change the memory which triggers the serial number increment, select one of the four radio buttons in the box to the right of the edit fields.

To change the short number style, select one radio button in the box below the edit fields. Possible values are:

Normal All numbers sent as usual
190 as ANO 1 is sent as 'A'
9 is sent as 'N'
Zero is sent as 'O' (letter O)
2345678 unchanged
90 as NO 9 is sent as 'N'
Zero is sent as 'O' (letter O)
12345678 unchanged
190 as ANT 1 is sent as 'A'
9 is sent as 'N'
Zero is sent as 'T'
2345678 unchanged
90 as NT 9 is sent as 'N'
Zero is sent as 'T'
12345678 unchanged
pks1.png - 7142 Bytes


If you don't want the program on your disk anymore, just delete the exe file (prokeyset.exe). To remove all traces you can manually delete the key


from the registry. But careful, if you have other software from me which uses these settings (e.g. CIV-Test) these programs will be affected.

Help files

You are looking at it, this is all you will get, sorry. If you have any questions or suggestions or even praise, don't hesitate to send an email to the author: ep (at) plicht.de.

Debug version

This is V0.3 Debug Version. It creates a file 'icomdeb.txt' in the root '\' of drive C:. This file contains debug output from the program which helps me trace bugs. Please send back this file if you have problems getting Icom Pro Key Set to work. Please use this version only if you have problems...